Juvenile Delinquents Sit At A Table Sporting Jumpsuits

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A group of seven juvenile delinquents sit at a table sporting jumpsuits that’s draped over their street clothes, not knowing what’s expected to happen next during their jail visit at the Douglas County prison in Georgia. The cameras, that are rolling for Beyond Scared Straight, a reality television series that takes at risk teenagers to different state run prisons across the United States to give them a glance of where they 'll end up if they continue making wrong choices, show the confused look on the delinquents’ faces when they see the next prisoner walking through the door. Instead of a pair of six foot, 300 pounder monsters that were charged for two counts of aggravated assault and attempted murder like some of the inmates that the…show more content…
Derron is also part of the estimated 250,000 juveniles who are tired, sentenced and incarcerated each year by the American Justice System, a practice that’s occurred in the United States for the past couple centuries, where children and teenagers are tried in court as adults and later sent to maximum security prisons with murderers, rapists and other violent criminals. The thrill of performing dangerous actions and the unwillingness of the consequences, a void of adult influence in the home has facilitated to an increase probability in suicide, sexual assault and the likelihood to commit another crime after release. The ineptness to hold a juvenile accountable in a safe manner can change but it’ll require the realization of the state and federal government to choose a rehabilitation recovery rather than throwing adolescents in with violent adults . The three million people behind bars is an assumption based on the statistic that more than one in every 100 Americans are prisoners controlled by the state or federal government. In 2008, the prison population grew by 25,000 last year, bringing it to almost 1.6 million, while an additional 723,000 are locked up in smaller jails. At the time, there were 230 million adults in the United
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