Juvenile Deliquency Essay

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Juvenile Deliquency Juveniles who are incarcerated due to lack of opportunities should be educated in prison. Many young people enter and leave prison with numerous problems on their backs. A large amount of these juveniles are either literate or numerate, which in most cases, stem from school exclusion, truancy and other forms of disrupted education. Thom Gehring a Criminal Justice major looks at a school in the state of Texas named Witham; a survey he conducted throughout the high school proved that the majority of these students enrolled in Witham had a history of academic failure. Also he observed that the majority of those students eventually dropped out of school, and most of them ended up in prison within three years. I…show more content…
State law requires that 60% of the inmates who are incarcerated with out high school diplomas must receive basic literacy programs, but the truth is only 30% of those have access to the programs. I was very shocked to find out that inmates are being systemically denied an opportunity for individual development. It seems obvious that these inmates are being educated in prison, but really, they aren't. Prison education is important to me because most of my close friends and relatives were incarcerated at young ages. My uncle Malique is a prime example of a juvenile who took the wrong path in life. Malique was a juvenile who made some crucial mistakes while growing up, and is now paying for it serving time in prison. Malique grew up in North Philadelphia, a neighborhood in which there is nothing but trouble, a neighborhood in which the local schools are over populated and most students don't receive the proper amount of education needed to succeed. My uncle and I grew up in the same neighborhood, the same household, the same negative influences surrounding us, but the only difference is that I went off to college and he quit school and began to run the streets of a corrupt neighborhood. He became a product of his environment; this is the case with millions of juveniles in prison. These kids never got a chance to do something productive with their lives. It doesn't take long until bad influences of a violent neighborhood takes
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