Juvenile Detention: A Short Story

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Burn upon burn on the hand, as the scarring reminded me of weeks prior. Macklemore was blaring as I put band-aids on; caffeine running through my veins not helping my anger-generated adrenaline. The severe swelling distressing me as I tried to tend them; the thick broad layer of green aloe vera was soothing, but not enough to make the irritation subside completely. Looking up at the tv, I sighed; the sun had started to set, the warm colors were flooding the sky. “Local gang continues with another strike against the city and its people; panic increases as the alleged leader steps back into the game. Bryce Ledger, now out of Juvenile Detention, has been spotted back around the area around late last week.” The blonde chattered away. The blurred image of Bryce, Jonathan, Derek, and some other guys walking out of a local 7-11 appeared onto the screen. Just the sight of them provoked me.…show more content…
Bryce was back and there was no ignoring it. The past cannot be left in the past
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