Juvenile Female Sex Offenders : Offender And Offence Characteristics

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Linda Zarate Writing Assignment #1 CRIJ 2313-Dr.Koenigsberg 9/17/14 Juvenile Female Sex Offenders Wijkman, Miriam, Catrien Bijleveld, and Jan Hendriks. "Juvenile Female Sex Offenders: Offender And Offence Characteristics." European Journal Of Criminology 11.1 (2013): 23-38. European Journal Of Criminology. Web. 14 Sept. 2014. <http://euc.sagepub.com/content/11/1/23>. For this critical paper I evaluated the article, "Juvenile Female Sex Offenders: Offender And Offence Characteristics”. This article conforms to the library help for being a scholarly article by the use of technical terminology and its’ format (abstract, literature review, methodology, results, conclusion, and references). It is written by researchers in the field of criminology. There is nonexistent advertising and the references are listed in bibliographies. This journal article is very well peer-reviewed and can be found both in print and online. I chose this corrections topic as my topic of interest because I wanted to know more about female offenders. This article contains information that researchers have found about juvenile female offenders in the Netherlands. Males are usually seen as the offenders while females are hardly ever prosecuted and convicted for sex offending. The authors state in the being of the article that, “overall it is estimated that less than 3% of all sex offending is committed by females” (Wijkman, Bijleveld, and Hendriks, 23). In the article, Juvenile Female Sex Offenders:
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