Juvenile Females At The Boyer 's Getting Fuel

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While at the Boyer 's getting fuel, two juvenile females came to me to report a suspicious male. The females identified themselves as Patricia Moncrief and Hayley Stachowski. The juvenile females stated there is a male that had been parked outside the Domino 's for a while stalking a female worker. The juvenile females stated the worker was told to call the police but she did not. The females stated a male Domino 's worker came outside to confront the male and the male moved his vehicle to the Boyer 's side parking lot and remained there. The juvenile females pointed the vehicle out to me, which I observed and the male sitting inside the vehicle, I identified that male as Pena Jose. Pena started his vehicle and drove away. The…show more content…
Gregg stated she was very afraid of Hernando and was afraid that if she did not comply with him he would grab her and drag her into the vehicle, so she got into the vehicle with him. Gregg explained Hernando then drove down W. Centre St. and turned left onto S. Vine St. Hernando then turned onto W. Oak St. off of S. Vine St. Gregg stated Hernando drove a block on W. Oak St. and stopped. Gregg stated Hernando pointed and said this is my house. Gregg stated the area where Hernando was pointed was to the rear of a house that was on the corner of W. Oak St. and S. Catherine St.

Gregg stated she told Hernando that she has to go to work, Hernando then asked if she works at Domino 's because of her uniform. Gregg stated Hernando then began to drive her to work, while driving her she identified the area of W. New York St. where Hernando stopped and tried to kiss her. Gregg stated Hernando stopped the vehicle and put his hand on her neck while leaning in to kiss her. Gregg stated she told Hernando, no and she pulled her head away. Gregg stated Hernando then drove her right to the front of Domino 's.

Gregg stated when Hernando stopped the vehicle in front of Domino 's he asked her what time she is done working. Gregg stated she told Hernando whenever they let her go. Gregg stated Hernando then put his hand on her neck again, leaned over and kissed her on the cheek. Gregg stated while Hernando did this she was saying no to
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