Juvenile Gangs Essay

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Final Project Andrew Rodriguez CJ150 Kaplan College Mr. Templeton August 30.2012 Juvenile gangs have become a serious and growing problem in many areas throughout the U.S. It is unlikely that gang control strategies can be successful as long as legitimate economic alternatives are lacking. I will be exploring the possible proactive solutions to this social problem. Juvenile gangs on the street and in prison “Violent crimes committed by juveniles are not diminishing, as other crimes, as reported by the Justice Department statistics, are (Siegel and Welsh, 2011).” We see that juveniles have more access, and more use of the weapons of violence, including gang affiliation. So why do young people join gangs? First of all, the gang…show more content…
Juvenile crime statistics show that offenders under the age of 15 represent the leading edge of the juvenile crime problem. "Violent crime grew some 94% among these youngsters from 1990 to 1995- compared with 47% for older youth (Siegel and Welsh, 2011). Putting gang members, especially the younger ones in prison is perhaps the worst possible idea, no matter what the reason for their jailing. Chances are their associations in prison will turn them into more expert, hardened criminals when they get out. For the very youngest offenders, chances are they will be expected to ask for protection in return for homosexual favors, which, if that practice continues on the outside, can mean even more serious repercussions by homophobic gang members. Proactive Problem Solving for Tomorrow’s Gang Youth In order to come to a solution, an understanding of different aspects of the problem is required. Gangs are not a recent trend. “While they have existed in some verifiable form in the United States since the 19th century, the 1950’s showed the worst juvenile delinquency statistics the world had seen (Siegel and Welsh, 2011).” Major cities such as New York enacted curfews to help curb this issue, however at the time not many studies had been performed to realize the widespread activity and cause of such delinquency rates. It becomes more resistant to change
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