Juvenile Justice Case Paper

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Charlie is a 10 year old boy who was caught stealing over one hundred dollars in items at a store. This is the juveniles first time being in juvenile court. Coming from a juvenile court judge’s perspective he will take into consideration that this is Charlies first time in court. The most vital person in the juvenile court is the juvenile court judge. The explanations of the dissimilar systems tell the exceptional role of the juvenile court judge, a part that contains many old-style functions. The more old-fashioned role of the juvenile court judge is to resolve the legal issues in cases. It is a necessity that the judge decides if the issues are true, if a juvenile should be removed from a legal guardian, consider different types of services that could be obtainable to the household, if the child should be returned to the household, or be relocated enduringly to another location. The manner and…show more content…
When it is time for an apprehension, police will determine whether or not to send juvenile offenders to juvenile court or to use a different method and decide to throw the case out of the system. As porters to the juvenile justice system, the juvenile officers will start the justice procedure by creating the primary resolutions about how to handle cases relating juveniles. In determining how to arrange the cases, the juvenile officers have an extensive range of reactions accessible to them. According to research “When handled proactively and with the appropriate gravity, which first police encounter can be a foundational life experience capable of reversing a juvenile's downward slide into potentially chronic, serious, and violent delinquency, as well as a key opportunity to achieve significant, long-term crime reductions for the community” (Lemmer & Johnston,
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