Juvenile Justice : Helping Or Hurting The Future Generations Of America

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Juvenile Justice: Helping or Hurting the Future Generations of America Jennifer B. Moye CRJU 2400 IA: Survey of Juvenile Justice Valdosta State University Abstract In the second half of the twentieth century, the United States faced a problem of enormous impact on society negatively affecting families, the economy, and the future of American children: the vast, and ever-increasing number of youths being processed through the juvenile justice court system. In the years since the turn of the century, through implementation of legislation sponsored by activists, lawyers, community organizers, educators and other reformers focusing mainly upon curbing youth incarceration, and instead promoting community and social alternatives, the most recent trends reflect a stemming and actual decline of youths entering the United States juvenile justice system. Most recently, leading the way in the effort to decrease the number of children processed through the courts is the State of Georgia, recent legislation of which has drastically reduced the number of juveniles incarcerated by an amazing rate. This paper will analyze the importance of continuing this trend of a lower rate of juvenile arrests and incarceration by moving away from the practices in effect in the United States during the twentieth century that created the unsustainable increase in same; an exploration of whether or not these practices led the United States juvenile justice system away from its original policy mandate of

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