Juvenile Justice

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Juvenile Justice To many Americans today, the country is a hostage-but not from oversea terrorism as one might expect to think. No today, we live in fear from our own children; and these are the same young people who we are entrusting the future of this great country with. According to the Department of Justice report released in November, thirty-eight percent of those arrested for weapons offenses in 1995 were under the age of eighteen (Curriden 66). In the same report, the Bureau of Justice Statistics stated that in 1995 3 out of every 100 eighteen-year-olds was arrested for weapons offenses. A rate three times higher than for males twenty-five to twenty-nine and five times higher than for males thirty to thirty-four (66). Just…show more content…
In short, they want it to work(49). The most basic justification for capitol punishment is what is known as the incapacitation argument: The only way to make sure that murderers don't murder again is to kill them. But with tougher sentencing laws, some death penalty opponents say, the incapacitation argument doesn't carry the weight it once did. Many states now impose life imprisonment with no possibility of parole on the violent offenders. Still, some argue that a life sentence isn't enough. David Pierce of the Washington Legal Foundation says, "The death penalty incapacitates in a way no other form of imprisonment can; also, Inmates do commit crimes behind bars against guards and each other, and they do escape from time to time" (Edmonds 11). As it stands now, almost all juvenile murderers are imprisoned rather than put to death. Even doubling or tripling the number of juvenile executions (the all-time U.S. high was 199 in 1935) would not change the fact that in America the death penalty is chiefly a symbolic threat that is carried out in only a very small percentage of cases (Hetter 44). (The 56 people executed in 1995 represented about 2 percent of the entire death row population.) Efforts to greatly increase
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