Juvenile Justice Process and Correction

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Juvenile Justice Process and Correction

Keith Betts


September 30, 2012

Xander L. is a young man with a rough start in life, who is a known gang member, and has

been in and out of the juvenile court system on numerous occasions. The 17-year-old young man

has been involved in various crimes, such as purse snatching, breaking and entering, and drug

possession. The juvenile offender previously served one year in a juvenile correctional facility as

well as probation on several occasions.

The juvenile offender also pled guilty in a court of law, regarding his possession of a

concealed weapon. The case study discussed the scenario of
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However, based on the scenario

involving Xander L, the prosecution decided upon the formal disposition because of the type of

crimes committed by the juvenile offender.

The formal disposition involves the possibility of detention for the young offender. The

individual may be detained at a secured facility if it is determined in the best interest of the

juvenile or the community (Norris & Callahan, 2012). The detention of the offender may result in

his or her adjudication or rather the request made by the prosecutor to waive the case to an adult

criminal court. When the prosecutor request that the criminal case is waived to the adult court

system, the court will make the decision based on several factors.

The court will consider whether the juvenile offender may be helped by rehabilitative

treatment through the juvenile court, previous adjudication tactics with unsuccessful results, or

the crime committed is too severe for the juvenile court to have precedence over (Norris &

Callahan, 2012). In the case study involving Xander L, the previous crimes committed by the

juvenile offender did not persuade the judge to waive the case to the adult criminal court.

Therefore, the court has decided to maintain its jurisdiction over the individual, and determine

whether the offender should be
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