Juvenile Justice System : Past, Present, And Future

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Juvenile Justice System; Past, Present, and Future The juvenile system in the United States has a long history but varies from state to state. “It started around 170 years ago, with the opening of Massachusetts’ Lyman School for Boys in 1846 (Miller, 1991), American reformers began experimenting with a “new” approach to troubled youth” according to Patrick McCarthy author of the article “The Future of Youth Justice: A Community-Based Alternative to the Youth Prison Model”. The juvenile justice system has changed dramatically over the years, it has come a long way but we are still improving on the issues we have had in the past, currently have, and the ones we need to fix for future generations. The goal of this paper is to focus on the juvenile justice system in the state of New Mexico, where it started, what it currently is, and what changes could be implemented for a better future. Juvenile Justice System History in New Mexico The juvenile justice system in New Mexico dates back to October 1, 1909 when the Springer Correctional Center was first opened. In 1909 it was called The New Mexico’s Boys School and was the first juvenile facility established in the state of New Mexico. This property was open for 96 years and was closed in 2005 do to problems mainly focusing on gang activity among juveniles. “According to the June 2003 ombudsman 's report, juveniles were hiding within the school and asking for transfers because they feared gang violence.” The school was
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