Juvenile Justice System in Nepal

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term paper on juvenile justice system in nepal

Juvenile Justice System
1. Introduction: Juvenile are the children below the age of 18 years. Nepalese legal system considers a child as juvenile if he is below the age of 16. Those juvenile consider children are not matured mentally and emotionally so the justice system for juvenile and adults are different.

The term juvenile justice refers to the legislation norms and standards procedures mechanism and provisions, institutions and bodies specifically applicable to juvenile delinquents. It is not only the treatment of children in conflict with laws but also includes affords to address the root causes of delinquents and implementing measures to prevent
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4. Differences between Juvenile Justice system and Criminal Justice System:

Both criminal and juvenile justices are similar in that aim of both is to provide justice and maintain law and order. These both systems deal with criminals. These both systems have similar components. However, there are some differences in justice system.

Juvenile justice system is guided by the philosophy of rehabilitation or to deter juvenile for the future illegal acts. Criminal justice is guided by the philosophy of punishment to deter crime. Thus, juvenile justice is primarily restorative justice (put the emphasis on the needs of victims and the restoration of offenders) while criminal justice is primarily retributive justice (defines the state as the victim and wrongful behavior as a violation of the rules and looking for what should be done for victims). The police used in juvenile detection are in civil dress while in criminal cases they may be in police dress. Criminals are handcuffed while juveniles are not during investigation and other legal procedure. The officer should use child friendly language and should not use any punishment measures during inquiry. This may not be applicable in criminal cases.

Juvenile justice has a quick procedure (Juvenile justice procedure 2063 says that every cases of juvenile should be completed within 120 days) while criminal justice may be lengthy. All type of juvenile cases is registered in juvenile court while
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