Juvenile Offenders And The Criminal Justice System

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is and how do we define it. According to The Free Dictionary recidivism is defined as “The behavior of a repeat or habitual criminal.” Juvenile offenders are studied on the re-offense that will occur and it is said that from 70% to 90% of offenders will re-offend. In the light of the criminal justice system and recidivism there is not actual consensus on what a criminal recidivism counts as, for example whether it counts as a repeat probation violation. National data that exist proves that 6 out of 10 juveniles return to juvenile court before their 18th birthday. You have to wonder to yourself reading and understanding this why does this happen. Why does 60% of juveniles that was already in the criminal justice system return again what are the factors that make this happen. The factors and explanations of the types of juveniles who recidivate or the reasons why they do it. Some factors include the age of their first offense, the type of offenses committed and their educational level obtained. The age of seventeen, it is discovered that 84% of juveniles that are in the system have had at least one prior and 53% of those at that age had seven or more referrals to the court. Its vital to understand that the concern of the juvenile recidivism rates are just getting higher each year and implementations need to happen so the rates can go down. Study have shown that the younger the age that the juvenile begins committing crimes that the higher likelihood that they will
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