Juvenile Recidivism

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Juvenile Recidivism Karen G Liberty University Abstract Recidivism is when someone returns to the same behavior that they were previously doing (Unruh, Gau, & Waintrup, 2009). There are many factors that raise the risk of juvenile recidivism such as single parenting, and even when the parents become involved in drug use. When juveniles become high risk for recidivism it is important that the adults whether it be the parents, teachers or any adult in authority step in to help the juvenile to make better choices. By an adult taking an interest in the child it can prevent them from falling into a group that becomes high risk. From 1984 through 1997 a 71% there was a rise in crimes committed by juveniles that were also violent offences…show more content…
16). When a mother is an active state of drug addiction it puts her child at a higher risk of psychological problems. A study has shown that the children don’t get medical treatment for the first two years of their lives, which is only the start of the maltreatment that they suffer (Callaghan, Crimmins, & Schweitzer, 2010, p. 223). Suchman (2010), states that “Parenting problems observed during the children’s first three years of life include poor attachment, responsiveness, adaptability, and structure juxtaposed with heightened physical activity, provocation, and intrusiveness (p. 483). What the child gets or the lack thereof can be from the mothers own problems from her childhood (Suchman, 2010, p. 484). When these mothers had poor parents themselves it gives them a distorted view of how parenting should be. This many times can lead to the mothers abusiveness and neglect for her own child plus the use of drugs on the mothers part (2010, p. 485). Poverty can play a role in problems that children can face. The lacks of medical attention, poor academic success, along with psychological difficulties are some of the challenges that these children face. The contributing factors that they face are drug use, criminal behavior, and not doing well academically. When these youth are constantly exposed to such unstable behaviors, it plays a vital role in the outcome of their own lives that
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