Juvenile Rights

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JUVENILE RIGHTS 1 Juvenile Rights Kimberly Burrows CRJ 301 Farrell Binder April 11, 2011 JUVENILE RIGHTS 2 Juveniles have different rights at the time of arrest then adults have. There are also additional protections for juveniles that adults don’t have. In this paper I will compare and contrast the additional protections afforded to juveniles as compared to adult offenders, I will discuss a juveniles rights at the time of arrest, and my opinion on whether or not the additional protections afforded to juveniles serve the purposes of social and criminal justice. Juveniles have rights when they are arrested, however some of them differ then the rights adults have. “The first encounter a youth has with the…show more content…
Deterrence is seen as a successful outcome of punishment. JUVENILE RIGHTS 4 “Adults who seek the counsel of an attorney waive their right to attorney/client privilege if they invite a third party into a meeting concerning their case. With juveniles, however, they can usually have a parent or guardian present during meetings without waiving the attorney/client privilege” (Thompson, 2006). In my opinion, I believe the additional protections afforded to juveniles is beneficial to the social and criminal justice system since many times when a juvenile commits a crime its due to a lack of good judgment. Many times a juvenile is hanging out with the wrong group of people and commits crimes to gain their approval and since a juveniles maturity level is usually very low they should be afforded the chance to have a punishment that fits the crime, but that will also allow them to learn from their mistakes and not have to suffer from the consequences that they made as a teenager when they are 35 years old and trying to get a decent job. Majority of the time it’s a juvenile’s first time getting arrested for a crime and not only is a juvenile afraid of what will happen to them legally, usually the fear of what will happen to them when they get home is more of what is feared that the juvenile justice system, since at the young age their parents are a very powerful authorities, and knowing that they disappointed or upset their parents is enough of a
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