Juvenile Sentencing : Juvenile Crime

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Juvenile Sentencing

Juvenile crime has skyrocketed to an all-time high, mainly in the big cities. The major problem is kids doing crimes and not being punish severely enough due to the lack of sentencing. Today’s generation knows how to beat the system because of the sentencing guidelines. Most of the kids in Florida knew that a simple misdemeanor charge they could be released the next day. During the years from 1997-2013 the amount of kids committed to juvenile facilities has dropped from 75,000 to 35,000(Nicole D Porter) according to The Sentencing Project. The judges have their hands tied because of obsolete laws, underfunding and no space to house them. Over 30 states are reforming the guidelines to lower the time juvenile serves for crimes they have committed according to a report done in 2015 by The Sentencing Project. Some of them are pushing for probation instead of being incarcerated. There are two resolutions to resolve the problem .First one is to change the outdated sentencing by writing your congressional representative and secondly is to reinforce family values. Family is an important part of the problem.

There are a lot of states that use probation instead of jail time. This causes many juveniles to stay within the system because a lot of them violate the terms of their probation. Furthermore, it is just another slap on the wrist for getting into more trouble. For example, probation was ordered in 53% of the 920,000 delinquency cases that…
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