Juvenile Sex Offenders

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Checkpoint: Rough Draft of the Research Paper 1 Axia College of University of Phoenix Dawn French Checkpoint: Rough Draft of the Research Paper Com 220 July 7, 2010 Checkpoint: Rough Draft of the Research Paper 2 Juvenile sex offenders are frequently treated in the same manner as their adult counterparts with regards to punishment and sex offender registering. “Nationally, juvenile sex offenders make up 20% of all individuals charged with sexual offenses (McGinnis, 2006).” Placing a sex offender label on a juvenile may unjustifiably put restrictions on his or her opportunities in adulthood so it is for this reason that cases involving juvenile sex offenders should be prosecuted cautiously. The term “sex offender”…show more content…
Checkpoint: Rough Draft of the Research Paper 5 When an offender is released he or she must register with law enforcement agencies. This information has recently become public information. Several websites exist to help law enforcement officials and community members. An individual is able to keep track of offenders in his or her community. One of the most popular online websites is Family Watchdog. Individuals can look up sexual offenders anywhere in the nation. Offender’s pictures are shown along with descriptions of their crimes, home addresses, and sometimes, work addresses. All this information can be accessed from this website. The goals of registering, according to Matson (1999), are “deterring offenders from committing future crimes, providing law enforcement with additional investigative tools, and increasing public protection.” These registries can also be harmful to the offender. Individuals living in the offender’s community may set out to harm registrants. This is one of the ways that an offender’s life may be changed due to being branded a “sex offender.” This is also one of the reasons why each case should be looked at on an individual basis. Should every offender be made to register? How long should an individual have to register? Should juveniles have to register as long as adults? These are all questions that need to be looked at and evaluated. Checkpoint:
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