Juvenile vs Adult Justice System Essay

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Adult Justice v Juvenile Justice System There is no question that if a person is involved in any type of crime they will at some time make their way through the justice system. However, when that person is an adolescent they will go through the juvenile justice system, as an adult would go through the adult justice system. Even though the crimes of each can be of the same manner or hold the same severity the punishment results can differ. The main reason for having the two different justice systems is that children cannot be held to the same punishment levels as an adult. Even though a child has committed the same crime an adult may commit, not every child has a mental understanding to make mature adult like decisions. The juvenile…show more content…
Therefore, a judge will hear the case and determine if the child is considered to be a delinquent. This process is called an adjudication hearing. (legalmatch,2014) In the adult justice system the guilty person would face a trial by a jury. The jury would be given the evidence of the crime, decide if the person is guilty or not, then judge would make the final running. As well at the end of an adult trial a punishment would be handed out such as imprisonment sentence. Where in a juvenile case the judge would decide what form of rehabilitation the child would benefit most from and what would best likely help. In both justice systems the defendants can choose to enter into a plea barraging. This is when the defendant will enter a plea of guilty to receive to lesser punishment. In the juvenile justice system the actual use of guilty or non-guilty plea is low in number. If the juvenile admits to the crime the judge will decide sentence. However, when the juvenile does not admit to the crime the case is then sent to trial. In the adult justice system a plea barraging works better due to the seriousness of the crimes handled. The defendant can receive a lesser charge for the said crime. This in turn will result in a lesser punishment, which is normally in the form of jail time. When a plea barraging is not entered and the adult does not take fault for the crime, the case is as well
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