Juveniles And The Criminal Justice System

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Juveniles and the Criminal Justice System
There is much debate over whether or not juveniles should ever be tried as adults. Juveniles are defined as children under the age of 18. In the past, juveniles have been tried in a separate juvenile court because of their age. However, trying juveniles as adults for violent crimes is a trend that is on the rise. Age is supposed to be a deterrent for placing those under 18 on trial and giving them stiffer punishments that are often reserved for adults. Many debate whether or not juveniles really should have less severe punishments or if trying some juveniles as adults will lower juvenile crime rates.
Consider some relevant examples:

• In the so-called “Slender Man stabbing,” two 12-year-old girls told authorities that they had hatched a plot to kill a friend to prove their loyalty to Slender Man, a supernatural character created by an internet user that now features in many media including video games. They attacked the girl, stabbing her nineteen times. Luckily she survived the attack. The girls were charged with attempted murder in the firs degree. Did they really understand what they were doing? Some argue that juveniles in this age range are not able to fully differentiate fact from fiction or understand the consequences of their actions, yet the girls acknowledged that they knew Slender Man was a fantasy. Others argue that premeditated attempted murder is still just as severe regardless of the age of the perpetrators. It is
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