Juveniles Being Tried as Adults

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Should Minors Who Commit Violent Crimes Be Tried As Adults?
Thesis Statement
Many adults come up with many reasons why youth involve themselves with acts of violence, there is never an actual answer to why they committed the crime, but the question of why they are being tried as an adult. Vicious misconduct is well-defined by the Division of Juvenile Justice as “murder, rape, severe attacks, and theft. These are all actions that sound terrible and cause for harsh consequences. Unluckily, there is an increasing development of adolescent violence; even “kids” under the age of sixteen are engaging in these vicious acts. When a child comes of age, they advance to being able to enjoy but not abuse adult liberties. Adolescents attain a
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Third Advantage to Solution
Numerous states and resident authorities refuse to uphold precise or wide-ranging proceedings of adolescent criminals or fail to share these histories with other authorities and government sources. This is mainly due to privacy concerns and the restricted computerization of young files. As a result, it’s hard to govern whether an adolescent who commits a crime is a first-time lawbreaker, a repeat lawbreaker or a continuing lawbreaker. Preferably, when an adolescent comes in connection with the juvenile justice organization, suitable documents are recognized and kept, and all related organizations can share data to confirm proof of identity. This makes it possible to receive proper treatment and therapy intended to avoid the adolescent from getting into further misfortune with the juvenile justice system.
Documentation of decisions should be collected and be ready for consequent events in the juvenile and criminal justice organizations, even after the minor becomes of age. The length of time the records should rest on the severity of previous crimes. Allowing juvenile records to be electronically available needs more than assembling and running record data. Few states want electronic data systems, and others may need a modification in their regulations. Quantities of recognized works are complex, and
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