Juveniles Do The Crime They Should Not Do Crime

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Rhodes 10

“If Juveniles Do the Crime They Should Not Do the Crime”
Raymond Rhodes

English 4 College Prep
Mr. Wilson
2nd Period
As a teen, staying out of trouble is a very complicated task. Whether it’s trouble with your parents or trouble with the law. Especially, if you grew up around convicted felonies or even lived in poverty, which would put you in the mindset of going out and doing crimes for a little extra money in your pockets. In my opinion, teens that are under the age of 18 should not be considered adults, until they start paying their own bills and being able to work so that they can provide for their family. Children are not established the same rights and the military. Teen do not have the
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Acting out for males could be robbing people to have the newest shoes that everyone else have, killing someone to be a part of a family they once wanted (gang-related). For example, if you think about it in this perspective and think I don’t have a mother nor father to talk too or guide me but I have a group of people who are here willing to help me even if what I have to do is illegal. I’m going to go to them for that guidance my mother or father should have guided me with. Instead, there should be sent a positive guidance for children especially children you know will turn to the streets to get everything everyone else has. As for females, since having sex under eighteen is against the law and they can be charged for that growing up without parents or guidance they could result to sex with boys to feel loved even if they know it is not real love. I know females like this personally. Everybody may call her a “hoe” but they do not understand why she is the way she is. She should not be charged for this because she doesn’t know any better and she’s doing anything to fix the broken heart she has. Many young females are an accessory for murder to males. Which is also against the law and the result to that is a murder charge. If the male is sitting there lying to her telling her he loves her and she does not know what it feels like to be loved then of course she is going to do anything the male says. Which may make her dumb and naïve but it
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