Juveniles Should Not Be Tried For Adult Prison

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In the recent years, cases of juvenile crimes have been decreasing to its lower rates since the 1980’s which is good. However, there are still plenty of juvenile crimes happening. There has been a big debate going on about whether juveniles should be tried as adults or juveniles, and things just keep getting more and more out of hand. Juveniles are being tried as adults and that is unacceptable. Juveniles should not be tried in adult courts regardless of their crime because they are simply not prepared to handle all the pressure and the problems that will cause them being sent to adult prison. Teens are not allowed to vote, smoke, drink alcohol among other things because according to the government, they are not in the appropriate age to do so. They are not considered mature enough. They are not adults. This leads to the question as to why are they not considered adults when doing some of these things, but are considered adults when they commit a crime of a certain degree. The main argument the government uses as to why it does not let juveniles drink alcohol is that their brain development during the teenage years is just not on par as to what is required in order for people to drink alcohol. According to studies by the National Institute of Mental Health, “it causes severe damage to the brain, which can lead to long-term deficiencies in many areas” (NIMH.) This research however, is not applied equally to all the actions teens make, and it should. The government, as well…
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