Juveniles Treated Like Adults Essays

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Everyday a vast number of brutal crimes occur somewhere in America. Teens as young as thirteen commit murder, rape, and burglary to an extent. What can be done about it? The best answer I can think of is to treat juveniles like adults. They have just as much responsibility and knowledge of their actions just as adults do, so they deserve the same punishment if they commit the same crime. Believe it or not, teens commit the same level of crimes that adults commit. Crimes will get even worse in the future if nothing is strictly done about the unnecessary violent actions. An idea to prevent the crimes from continuing is to punish juveniles and adults equally. Juvenile punishments do not provide the harsh consequences juveniles deserve. There…show more content…
A variety of ages are guilty for numerous crimes. Any age of a criminal is a threat to the public. Juveniles deserve to be treated like adults. Many people feel sorry for young people who commit heinous crimes to receive such as harsh punishments as adults do when it comes to a similar crime. What people with such emotional feelings toward juveniles do not think about is the damage a young criminal causes. Of course there are some cases in which young people are treated differently from adults such as getting a job or even voting. In those cases young people are not educated enough to have the ability to do either of those because of the knowledge they are not provided with at such a young age. Juveniles take in the sorrow that people feel for them. They think they stand a high chance of getting out of trouble when they are standing in court being tried as guilty. A great amount of people in the jury look at the young teen and think, “There is no way a young teen could commit murder or any other brutal crime.” What they do not understand is that there is plenty of evidence when it comes to even accusing a juvenile as a suspect. Just because someone looks young and harmless, it does not mean there is evil on the inside. Looking deeper into the purpose of the case the juvenile was involved in pays off. Not only does the purpose of the case make sense, it also shows an insight of the society at
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