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Juwi - what next?

Company – Overview:
Juwi is one of the world’s leading companies in the area of renewable energy
The name is built by the first two letters of the surnames of the founders Fred Jung and Matthias Willenbacher.
The company operates in the solar, wind, bio-energy, hydropower and geothermal energy sectors, as well as in the areas of green building and solar electro-mobility.
What was originally a two-man operation has grown into a multi-award winning company with 1,750 employees in 15 countries.

As there isn´t one specific problem to be solved we chose to apply the Strategy Orientation Analysis.

1.) History, growth & development
1996 the company was founded by Fred Jung and Matthias Willenbacher
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* Difficult to generate interest among potential employees. (Relatively unknown to potential employees) * Low market share of only 0.5% on a global scale

3. Analyse external Environment
* no price risk for projects in renewable energy. (for the next 20 years, a producer of electricity power from renewable resources benefited from a price guarantee for electricity fed into the grid and in addition, a guarantee that the electricity produced would be fed into the grid.)

* wind and photovoltaic energy production, were expected to be the main market growth drivers over the next decade:

Development of installed electricity generation capacity by wind mills in Germany increases by 11% p.a.
Development of installed photovoltaic electricity generation capacity in Germany increases by 18% p.a.

Threats: * competition is fast increasing in this field. * feed-in tariff regulation is likely to change so that conditions for alternative energy generation will be far less favourable in the future * industry is vulnerable to the impact of political decisions. * suppliers are starting to enter their home turf, they too are beginning to design projects to produce alternative energy, and selling them to investors

Porter´s 5 Forces

* Intensity of existing rivalry:
Competition is fast increasing as it is profitable
Government limits competition through feed-in tariffs

* Bargaining power of

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