Juxtaposing Viewpoints on Genetic Species Revival

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Though it may seem that the issue of species revival through a means of genetic science is a modern idea, similar arguments throughout the past also hold relevance to the modern issue of genetic species revival. To better understand the issue as it becomes more prevalent, it is important to examen different perspectives that span many centuries time, generating new insight on the issue. Examining different perspectives on the perceived human influences on species extinction vs. natural law and lack of adaptability, and give a determination on the ethical implications to society and ecology from the above arguments and philosophies from each viewpoint. Through these key statements, the arguments on genetic species revival can be…show more content…
Thus, the entire premiss of the argument must be reexamined from the appropriate historical perspective. Taking the step back to the time of the Roman Empire, as mentioned by Leaky and Lewin, brings a new perspective to the issue and the ethics of species de-extinction: First of all, Nature has endowed every species of living creature with the instinct of self-preservation, of avoiding what seems likely to cause injury to life or limb, and of procuring and providing everything needful for life — food, shelter, and the like. A common property of all creatures is also the reproductive instinct (the purpose of which is the propagation of the species) and also a certain amount of concern for their offspring. (Cicero, Marcus Tullius Cicero Quotes) As Cicero explains in the above passage, it is nature that controls the destiny of a species. With no reference to human influences as a cause of species extinction, Cicero’s stance is for natural law. Yet, it can also be proven that Cicero’s stance has one exception which requires intervention in the form of genetic species revival. "Neither is it a mean privilege of nature and reason, that man is the only animal who is sensible of order, of decency, and of propriety, both in acting and speaking” (Cicero, Marcus Tullius Cicero Quotes). In defining Cicero’s stance on the issue, it can be proven that only humans are a species

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