Jy Ramones Research Paper

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FADE IN:Int. big shitty rock venue in Memphis - Night - 1995At the age of 15 LISA DAVENPORT is walking hand and hand with HER MOTHER (40s). Bangs and sunglasses cover Lisa's face so that she looks like a mini Joey Ramone. They pass by a poster that reads ROCKET FROM THE CRYPT WITH GUESTS.The Oblivians play an opening set taken in by wide-eyed Lisa. Preferably "Memphis Creep" or "I'm Not a Sicko, There's a Plate in My Head"Her mother dances ironically to the MAKE YOUR EARS BLEED kind of garage rock blaring from amplifiers. The band is all bravado.CUT TO:INT. CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL A bored classroom. There's an empty seat in Grade 10 for Lisa. In the seat over sits KAT with dyed black hair and red lipstick. An alarm sounds signaling the end of class.INT.…show more content…
There was Johnny Thunders, there was Iggy Pop and now there's Lisa Sicko.MONTAGEA) Lisa writes another song which in its primitive state sounds like unrelenting staticB) She eats another Big MacC) She sleeps with the guitar strapped onD) She plays drums on a bucketE) She eats a McDonalds breakfast sandwichSUPERIMPOSE: She spends MONTHS working on the songs and never sets a foot in high school.END OF MONTAGELisa holds in her hands a completed tape which she calls GET REAL STUPID by THE SICKOS. She mails it to Eric Oblivian. She includes her phone number.INT- The DAVENPORT residence - morning A sleepy Lisa checks her voicemails.Dear Ms. Sicko, I'm impressed by your material kid. I want the Sickos to play a set for the Oblivians on Saturday.Lisa realizes there is only one sicko.CUT TO:INT - TUBBY DOG - NIGHT - THE SICKO's FIRST GIGTubby Dog is an all-ages scummy rock n' roll venue but only on weekends. Word travels fast in the Memphis music scene and tonight Tubby Dog is filled with garage punks: hair styled and clothes dark.The menu offers the strangest hotdogs in Tennessee. A hot dog with seaweed on it. A peanut butter and jelly hot dog. A hot dog with salt and vinegar chips as dressing.…show more content…
It's synth-heavy and hurts her ears. She rips out the black tape. She strokes the tape's slimy flesh in a silent reverie. Looking through her drawers she finds a letter she wrote to Kat and never sent:I was born bad. Bad girls love boy/girl flesh that has an astronomical IQ. We want more than being 15 can give us. Sitting in our bedrooms wasting away our youth we should probably get a life or at least enjoy the ones we have. But I guess that's part of being a teenager- boredom, frustration, hope, and hopelessness co-existing within the same moment. I'd rather smash your face than talk to you about the weather because it's always storming in my room and forecasts call for more bad weather throughout the year. On the brink of turning 16 I wonder if all I have to offer the world is hate and negativity in the form of rock n' roll (crawlin' around nekkid and stuff) or if everything will just magically change over the years.Lisa can't sleep because Kat's face holds under her eyelids like a permanent tattoo.INT. ROLLERDERBY MAGAZINEAn intern examines a 2 page splay of upcoming artists. #8: BLOOD VISIONS- LISA SICKO: She's on the cover looking pudgy in red underwear.
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