K+12 in the Philippines

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The Present Philippine Education System and K+ 12 Introduction Filipinos have deep regard for education. Education occupies a central place in the Philippine economic, political, social and cultural life. It has been strongly viewed as the pillar of national development and a primary avenue for social and economic mobility. A clear evidence of the value placed in education is the proportion of the national government budget going to that sector. The Department of Education is given the highest budget allocation among government agencies each year as required by the 1987 Philippine Constitution. The 1987 Constitution likewise guarantees the right to education of every Filipino. Laws were passed too to reaffirm this policy of the…show more content…
The Current State of Philippine Education (Additional statistics needed, please add) 1. Budget Allocation The Department of Education budget for 2010 was lesser by 1 billion compared to its 2009 budget. Now down to P172.84 billion, and P141 billion goes to personnel services, P22 billion to the maintenance and operating expenses and P12 billion to capital outlay. The original request was for 190 billion. This is just 2% of the GDP, very much less than the 6% requirement of the UNESCO. (from an article dated 2010.) Even if the budget allocation for Education this year increased 11.4% – making it 16.5% of the National Budget or P271 billion – compared to the budget allocation for Education on 2010, that is 15.6% of the National Budget or P240 billion, the budget is still insufficient to meet the needs of the Sector. In fact, Anakbayan spokesperson Clarizze Banez said: “Even if you combine the DepEd and SUCs (state college and universities) budgets, it will only equal to three percent of the GDP, a far cry from the six percent GDFP-amount advocated by the United Nations”. The Department of Education needs P150 billion to fill all the gaps that it has, and to produce all the needed resources.(from an article dated June 2011.) 2. Student Performance Studies made regarding the capability of a Filipino student show results that very negative: The National Achievement Tests (NAT) for grade
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