K-12 Executive Summary

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In today twenty century different individual using Education Technology Industry Network (ETIN) of the Software & Information Industry Association (SITA) for educational purpose. The non-hardware education technology market values at the overall K-12 at $8.38 billion compared to year before and that was $7.9 billion. For the first time the online courses grew 320 percent with several significant companies. The K-12 Education Technology Industry Network represent and served over 200 member companies that provided educational software applications, digital content, and online learning services. On the labor issues with the K-12 education is that there are individuals that lacking of skills for educated workers. By 2020 all individual are required education or training beyond high school diploma. Someone with a college degree will earn about $25,000 extra annually than others with a high school diploma. ETIN profit $1500.00. The types of contract that are used in the K-12 Education IT Contract help different individual with:
• Custom systems and servers overnight
• Enterprise software licensing
• Complete network design and installation services
• Multi-campus WANs
• E-rate solutions

They also handle the school system paperwork by:
• Billing correctly to departmental entities
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