K-Mart's Global Expansion: Case Analysis

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Introduction: K-Mart K-Mart is an American multinational retail and discount store chain having more than 1,400 stores across all the states of the country. Established in 1962, K-Mart is the third largest retailer in the United States after Wal-Mart and Target Corporation. In addition to the home country, K-Mart also operates a number of independent retail and discount stores in Australia and New Zealand. Other international locations of the company include Canada, Europe, and Mexico. However, due to some financial difficulties, it had to retrench its operations in many international locations. K-Mart is headquartered in Hoffman Estates, Illinois, United States. It has done a number of acquisitions and mergers during the last couple of decades. It acquired Sears an American retail and departmental store chain in 2005 and formed an independent retail corporation under the name 'Sears Holding Corporation (Kmart, 2013). K-Mart offers a wide array of consumer products and grocery items; including beauty and health care products, food items, toys, clothing, shoes, home and electronic appliances, bedding and furniture, books, medicines, magazines, jewelry, movies, music, games, sports and fitness equipments, pets, computer hardware and software, and mobile phones. K-Mart is known for its extensive product lines and excellent customer services at both physical and online stores. It has maintained an efficient order-booking, payment, returning policy, and customer services and

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