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Principles Of Marketing

Submitted to: Final project on: Ms. Nadia Rahim
Submitted by:
Madiha Fazal
Sheeba Siddiqui
Syed Umer Noman
Abdul Sheikh Moiz
Afsheen Raza Zaidi


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This project report has been prepared to meet the requirement of the final project of Principles of Marketing of program MBA.
For the preparation of this project we have visited K&N’s outlets and its head office and had a meeting with marketing manager of K&N’s. The rationale behind visiting the company is to study and evaluate the marketing and positioning strategies of K&N’s products the history and development of the
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Dawn is new in the frozen food market hence not a big threat to K&N’s.

Competing products The competing product for K&N’s are * Fast foods restaurant’s products * Products offered by their competitors
Earlier product to satisfy need: * K&N’s has introduced the concept of nuggets. * Earlier people preferred to go out to fast food restaurants like KFC AFC & Mr. burger for such products.
Researching Organizational Marketing Positioning:

* Project team members visited K&N’s FOODS and met Assistant Manager Marketing he pictured the detail position of the product and we come up with following information

Target Marketing Segments

* Working Women: the major target segment of K&N’S FOODS are working women as they have least time to cook and they want to provide a better healthy food to their children.

* Kids: kids love K&N’S products as they are tasty healthy and fun to eat than normal routine boring food. They provide many products like popcorn chicken and nuggets that attract this segment.

* Business class: third segment is the exclusive business classes those who prefer brand hygiene and health in their routine life and traveling.

* House wives: another segment that K&N’S products cover is the housewives who rely on these products to entertain the unexpected guest and parties these ready to cook food help them to spare time for other
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