K-State University Personal Statement

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Going to college will be a massive step in my life, even graduating from high school. First off, I plan to major in Accounting and become a Public Certified Accountant. I have been told that it will be hard, just going to class will not cut it. You have to be on top of schoolwork making sure you have it turned in on time and more. I chose K-State University because I could see my future there on campus getting through it all. I thought K-State had the best Business program and so much more. Looking at other colleges wasn’t a bad choice but I couldn’t see myself on their campus as much as I did with K-State. Second, I want to get involved in groups that would be good for me. I do not know all the kinds of groups are on campus but I’m sure I will find out. I hope to start off with…show more content…
Then, to make friends, find a study group and pass classes. Probably find a job on campus too. I feel that all the involvement I am participating in the better off I will be. Being 2 hours away from home might be hard, but I know I can get through it. After I graduate college I want to work for a company that knows how to take care of their employee’s and their customers. That’s a way to know you are in the right place. Other goals of mine are to show my siblings education, staying out of trouble and going to college is worth it. I’m lucky I realized what I did at a young age.
Joining sports at college might not be the best for me, but I have always wanted to try and join. I know I am not the best, but that has never stopped me from trying. Being stuck in my dorm room studying is where I probably will end up but I know that wont be the best. People tell me, go make friends, go see the world and go live life. Truthfully, I feel that education at college is all I am there for, but I know that’s not how I should be while at college. Once my schoolwork is done and studied hard, then its go
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