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(ECB 10103) ENTREPRENEURSHIP “KAK ZAH FROZEN FOOD” PREPARED BY: MUHAMMAD NUR FAIZUDIN BIN ABDUL RONI 62212114207 MOHAMMAD FAWZAN BIN TONNAN 62212114648 MUHAMMAD AMAN ARSHYAD BIN ABDUL MANAN 62212114894 MOHD SYAFIQ BIN AMJAH 62212114835 PREPARED FOR: EN HASHIM BIN HASSAN DATE: 20TH NOV 2014 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Our business is Kak Zah Frozen Food Enterprise which is located at Gombak. The address is 95, Jalan SG 9/18, Taman Seri Gombak, 68100, Batu Caves, Selangor. Our concept of business is based on manufacture and receives order from customers about traditional cookies. Kak Zah Frozen Food Enterprise provides the best and high quality product in order to give a satisfaction to our customer. For this time…show more content…
Basically, the financial institution such as bank will only provide to the business that they trust will bring profit and able to repay it. VISION To expand traditional cookies to peninsular Malaysia as parallel to the productive and reasonable budget. MISSION To fulfill the customers need during planning. To get well known as the manufacture of traditional cookies which use “HALAL” ingredients and have great qualities. To satisfied the customer that buys our product with the reasonable price, parallel with the quality of the Kek Lapis. OBJECTIVE To fulfill market demand To minimize expenses and maximize profit To contribute job opportunities MOTTO Easy Cook, Easy Eat. COMPANY BACKGROUND Name of the company : Kak Zah Frozen Food Enterprise Business address : 95, Jalan SG 9/18 ,Taman Seri Gombak, 68100, Batu Caves, Selangor. Telephone number : 03-551 1852 Fax number : 03-551 1854 Form of business : Partnership Email : Main activities : Manufacture, selling, promotion and delivery Traditional cookies to the customer. Date of commencement : 1 January 2014 Date of establish : 18 March 2014 Registration number : AS0292980-A Initial capital : RM
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