KCCC Case Study Essay

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The KCCC has relaunched its employee of the month as well as its employee of the year recognition program. The Key stakeholders overseeing the program are the Assistant General Manager, office manager, sales associates and fellow colleagues.
During the infant stage of the program the foundational requirements will be discussed for the requirements and criteria of the program and the nominees. Basic requirements of the program must be documented and witnessed by the nominating board. A question and answer will be open at the end of the meeting to address all concerns are ideas. The program will be open to all full time employees only, upper management cannot participate in the program in regards to the nominating process.
During the quarterly
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Additional steps that will be taken consist of what resources (budget, staff, and time) are available for the program? Both qualitative and quantitative data collection will be done to insure that the employee is knowledgeable and the example of the mission of the organization. KCCC will make sure that criteria such as no disciplinary action has been administered in the last 6 months, no suspension in the last 12 months, and should have an overall positive attitude and be service minded.

What metrics will you use to determine if the marketing campaign was successful? Which stakeholders will be involved in the reporting effort?
There are two main thoughts when it comes to the KCCC marketing strategy that most likely will be used; these have to do with inbound and outbound marketing theories.
Outbound Marketing
“This is a type of marketing strategy where your business tries to attract attention to their product or service by campaigns that go “out” into the inner department communication in order to generate interest. Many consider this style of marketing to be old school since the dramatic rise in popularity of the internet and the World Wide Web. Here are some typical outbound marketing strategies.”(
•Direct mail to staff
•Outbound calling to employees of reminders;
• Intranet TV, Print, Radio advertising;
•Public relations campaigns throughout
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