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KELP Sushi Joint: Crisis Management

Owner is arrested, joint is closed!

MKT500, Section N, Spring 2014


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Carley Donovan
Pavneet Kohli
Stephen Reyes
Magdalena Simic

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1 Abstract 5
2 Objectives 5
3 Process 5
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7 Expected Outcomes and Related Issues 14
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Author's Notes

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2. What impact, if any, do you think that the nature of Wesley's charges have on KELP's image? Can KELP recover? Consider the perspective of not only the customers but the employees as well. Also, consider whether Wesley is part of the brand or not.

3. Assuming that Wesley is completely removed from the operations of KELP and his parents take over, what is their best course of action to recover the business and its reputation?

1 Abstract
Crisis management is an important consideration for any business and should be incorporated into their marketing strategy. With the case of Wesley Chiu and his restaurant KELP, the necessary crisis management strategies were not in place. As a result of Wesley's arrest and uncovering of his criminal past, the future of KELP is uncertain.
2 Objectives
The objective of this case is to understand the importance of crisis management. This case is intended to make the reader consider not only financial implications at the time of the event but the effects on the long term strategies of the organization. Also, the case urges participants to think about the consequences not only on the customer but on those within the organization as well.
Another key objective of this case is to illustrate how unrelated incidences can effect business. The participants are encouraged to analyze potential links between controllable and

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