Kabaddi: South Asian Games and Bonus Line

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Kabaddi is aptly known as the "GAME OF THE MASSES "due to its popularity, simplicity, easy to comprehend rules, and public appeal. The game calls for no sophisticated equipment what so ever, which makes it a very popular sport in the developing countries. It is basically an out door sport played on clay court, of late the game is being played on synthetic surface indoors with great success. The duration of the game is 45 minutes for MEN & Junior BOYS with a 5 minutes break in between for the teams to change sides. The duration of the game is 35 minutes with a 5 miniutes break in between for WOMEN, GIRLS, Sub-Junior BOYS and Sub-Junior GIRLS. Kabaddi is a combative team game, played on a rectangular court, either out-doors or…show more content…
The principle characteristic of this form of Kabaddi is that a player who is put out has to remain out until all his team members are put out. The team that is successful in putting out all the players of the opponent's side secures a point. This is akin to the present system of 'Iona'. After all the players are put out, the team is revived and the game continues. The game continues until five or seven 'Iona' are secured. The game has no fixed time. The main disadvantage of this form of Kabaddi is that the player Is not in position to give his best performance since he is likely to remain out for the better part of the match until a Iona is scored. SANJEEVANI This form of Kabaddi is the closest to the present game. In this form of Kabaddi, players are put out and revived and the game lasts for 40 minutes with a 5-minute break in between. The team consists of nine players on each side. The team that puts out all the players on the opponent's side scores four extra points for a 'Iona'. The winning team is the one that scores the maximum number of points at the end of 40 minutes. The play field is bigger in this form of Kabaddi and the 'cant' was different in various regions. Modem Kabaddi resembles this form of Kabaddi a great deal especially with regard to 'out & revival system' and 'Iona'. The present form of Kabaddi is a synthesis of all these forms of Kabaddi with a good number of changes in the rules and regulations. TOP THE GAME'S HISTORY

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