Kachowism Is A Religion Based Off Of Lightning

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Kachowism is a religion based off of lightning. The religion is found wherever there is thunder forecasts all year round in villages, on mountaintops, but mostly in the Southern Hemisphere, especially in Australia, Brazil, and New Zealand. Contrary to where Kachowism is practiced, the religion originated from Italy. The story goes that a man named Giovanni was stuck in a freak thunderstorm in Central Italy. The storm lasted four days for five nights. Giovanni blunders about in the storm for these days, and before dawn on the fifth day a figure appeared to him. The figure was tall and broad, and wore a coat of pure white. He introduced himself as The Divine God. He spoke to Giovanni telling him that he shall be the founder of a new religion. One that would be the most pure and sacred on Earth. He asked Giovanni that in twelve day’s time he was to take a boat and head south at sunset, and he will guide them to the place they are meant to be. The next morning the storm ended. Giovanni went into the city of Venice to spread the good news. His followers were mostly poor and middle aged. but twelve days he set out south just as he was instructed. Then Giovanni and his followers spent twenty days and twenty nights following the thunder clouds that was sent by The Divine God. On the twenty-first day they landed in a cloudy tundra at dawn. As the days went by Giovanni had been getting visions on how to start his new religion. The rules and duties of the community were carved into a

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