Kafka's Metamorphosis Alternate Ending

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Gregor and I sauntered off together. I looked over the dead corpses to see if we had lost any valuable men. The ground had quite literally started to turn to sludge because their was so much blood. “I assume we will be making battle arrangements tonight, Gregor?” Gregor stared at a group of men all huddled in a circle “Yes, My lord.” He seemed to be curious on what was happening with the men over their “Come, Gregor.” Stepping over dead bodies we made our way to the men. About thirteen men stood around a boy, probably no older that 18, laughing. The boy held a spear in his hand swung it around wildly “I won't give up! I’ll defend the Reed’s go out till the end!” he was quite enthusiastic. I could see why they found it so amusing. I suppose his elders had…show more content…
He stepped back tripped over a dead body. I smile cracked on my face and the other men snickered. “L- Lord Eric Adrestia!” He exclaimed “I pleaded full alegi-”ord Erick Adrestia!” he said, his voice cracking. He got on one knee and bowed his head “I pledge full allegiance to you!” I roared with laughter “You pathetic coward.” the boy lifted his head up “What my lo-” I planted a metal boot in his face. “Do you take me for a fool, coward?” I whispered to him. I looked to Gregor “Your dirk, Lord Gregor!” Gregor held out his dirk with a plain face. I held up the dirk to the sky. The boy looked at me with terror. He was clearly frightened to death, but corawdince is something I just can’t stand. I smiled brightly at the boy “Now hold still.” I grabed the kid by the head and pulled him close to the dirk. I put the dirk under his ear. “No! Mercy! Mercy! Please my l-” I took off the ear in one clean swipe. The child squealed like a dog. The men and I chuckled together. I kid the kid and he gave a little squeak and stopped rolling around. I grabbed him by his hair and pulled him back up to Gregor’s dirk. This time i placed it right under his nose, the subnasal. The boy looked at the blade cross
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