Kahn's Accomplishments

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The internet requires 50 million horsepower to keep the internet running in each state. Spectacularly the internet was created by only two men named Robert Kahn and Vincent Cerf. Their biggest nickname was, “the fathers of the internet”. In 2004, they won an ACM Alan M. Turning Award for their creation. In 2005 ,they got a medal of freedom for their creation. Kahn was one of the people who helped initiate a billion dollar U.S. strategy computer program. Bell laboratories gave Kahn his job that would start his career.New York is Home to Robert Kahn p, who is currently 78 years old.Kahn was born in Brooklyn, New York on December 23, 1938.Brooklyn got rid of Kahn Robert Kahn when he was 13. Beatrice Kahn, Kahn’s mother had some struggles. She had 8 heart attacks in her 30s, to where later died at age 90 due to her third heart attack after open heart surgery. There is one daughter in the Kahn family named Diana, who is two years younger than Robert Kahn. Freedom City College of New York gave Robert Kahn…show more content…
The internet was created more than 40 years ago. It was created on September 2, 1962 in L.A.. It was created by 2 UCLA computers ,and machines that were able to communicate with each other In its early days it was only used for communication during the Cold War. Sputnik , he very first satellite for the internet, was launched on December 4, 1957. One of the biggest factors to why the internet was created is ,because the U.S. feared one missile attack could destroy all telephone lines. The internet first message was sent in 1969. In 1969 only 4 computers were connected to the ARPA net, but it grew in the 1970s. The internet steadily became a public use in the 1980s. People started using it for communing with each other. The internet got worse and worse to use for research, so in 1992 researchers developed a program they called Mosaic. Mosaic was made to make browsing the internet safer and
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