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Kahoot is a website that students can enjoy learning. Based on off my personal experience with using Kahoot and research about Kahoot, I think quizzing my students on a lesson through Kahoot is great. I can keep the students attention and track their progress to see how each student is doing individually. Plus, Kahoot is easy to access and can be used in all grade levels.
Through Kahoot, I will create a quiz that will test my students on vocabulary words. Throughout the quiz the students will be asked to define words, unscramble words, and also fill in the blank questions. The words that will be on the quiz our vocabulary words for third graders. I found a list of vocabulary words from Ithan Elementary School website. The purpose of this quiz
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Constructivism learning is knowledge that has been developed from prior experience and the quiz is to help the students be aware of what they need to know. Behaviorism learning is rewarding or punishing someone for their actions. By using Kahoot, I can look at how well each student is performing individually and reward them.
Using Kahoot helps promote students to learn how to answer questions in a timely manner. Kahoot promotes constructivism learning theory because “students can learn online and create quizzes and interact with each other” (Katyshev). I personally believe that constructivism learning theory is a great way to teach because the students are able to learn from each other. It is also typically used by teachers that have a lot of experience and I understand why.
Students have a lot of energy and they all have different personalities, and sometimes they do not all mix well. So, as a teacher you have to know how to arrange your students for them to have a good learning environment and that means that educators have to promote student and teacher teaching methods. Constructivism learning gives each student the opportunity to voice their ideas to help others. Kahoot gives the students the opportunity to see who may have a better understanding of the course content and can be able to ask them for help. Another great thing about Kahoot is that the students can access it
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