Kahun A Narrative Fiction

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The only sound that could be heard was Kahuna’s coarse breath cutting through the thick mist and the crumble of rocks giving away where he climbed. This task was nothing compared to the previous battles he fought, but his hands were shaking and cold sweat was running down his back. He had been climbing for an hour, and all he wanted to do was to get down. Kahuna couldn't however. He had to pay his respects. Anyways, he was nearly there.
Come on, this is nothing. What are you doing? Icy needles stabbed into his knuckles as he pulled himself up to the top. He could not afford to stall any longer. Ignoring the pain, Kahuna staggered across the beaten path that had been abandoned for years.
He’d become emotionless and mute since Kui’s death. Akamai tried to talk to him about it, but Kahuna locked him out of his life. He locked everyone out of his life. Kui would be the one to talk to him in times like this. But now -
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Kahuna thought to himself. He won’t think about it. He can’t think about it. He looked up, trying to distract himself.
Kahuna realized he arrived.
He managed to compose himself before stepping toward.
“Hello brother,” he said hoarsely. It’s been a long time since he spoke.
“I’m sorry for not visiting you sooner. Things have been - different since you were gone.”
“The war is over. Kamehameha has all the islands. We’re no longer at war, and everyone is settled back in their homes. I hope you're happy.” He attempted to smile, which hurt. There were few reasons to smile nowadays.
“Well, I just wanted to - to drop by." Kahuna mentally slapped himself.
“I just wanted to say-”
His words got stuck in his throat.
“-to say that-”
He couldn't breathe. The whole world was closing in on him, suffocating him, choking him. He managed to whisper out the next few
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