Kahuna Cleaning Supply

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University of Southern Queensland

Master of Information System CIS 5200 Professional Skills for Systems Analysis

Kahuna Cleaning Supply


This report provides an analysis and gathering all requirements and information for the new system to implement on Kahuna Cleaning Supply Company, methods of analysis include interviews with employees, questionnaires, observation, collecting data from the customer.

The interviews will be conduct with the sales, finance and operations departments, in order to determine the most important requirements and information for the new information system.

At the end of this report, a software has been recommended for Kahuna Cleaning Supply that will provide a
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Users Authorization.
Monitor sales process.
Determine Approval procedures.
Paying commissions to sales employees.
Sales opportunities management. 2.2-Sales Representative:
Information about customers and suppliers data.
Sales orders and quotation documents.
Sales process.
Items data information
Reporting management.
Online orders.

2.3-Customer Service Representative:
Describe the service process
Information Privacy for customer and supplier data.
Service calls from customers.
Customer support system (CSS).
Online help.
Handle of Sale opportunity and potential customer. 2.4- Anna McNally-Director of Finance:
Determine profitability reports.
Determine financial reports.
Managing budgets.
Cash flow management.

2.5- Accounting / Billing Clerk:
Determine invoicing process.
Monthly customer statements.
Payroll and salary processing.
Determine Payment means using in purchase and sales.
Determine payment terms.
Accounts receivable and cash flow.

2.6- Martha Seymour – Director of Operations:
Determine Purchasing process and documents.
Purchasing and sales reports.
Supply chain management.
Goods return process.
Purchase quotations.
Purchase request.

2.7-Dennis Martin – Shipping / Receiving Manager:
Determine general logistical information about shipping and receiving goods.

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