Kahuna Research Paper

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The Kahuna Massage Chair offers two levels of zero gravity with L-track massage which is a certain shape of the roller trail that provides support to your neck and back, all the way down to your buttocks. In addition, it also decompresses each area of the spine and increases the effects of the massage. This specific model has computer body scan technology which calculates the width and length of your back prior to the massage. This technique provides a personalized massage experience. Furthermore, the zero gravity positions spreads the body weight evenly over the entire chair so that you can get a deeper, more thorough massage while relieving the stress on the body, creating a weightless feeling. Comforting heat located in the lower back…show more content…
For instance, it has multiple recline angles including two zero gravity positions that alleviates pressure on your spine and pelvis for a feeling of weightlessness. Furthermore, this is the only massage chair where the back can recline independently. One of the other unique features of this particular chair is the SuperTrac technology. This technology provides an extended massage track that is able to reach from the neck, past the tailbone, and down to the glutes.

If you suffer from sore feet, the foot portion of this chair is equipped with kneading rolling heads that target the soles of your feet offering up instant relief. The body scan feature will accurately compute the users’ body size for the perfect massage. In addition, quad style rollers mimic a human hand and provide a professional style massage experience. This recliner also provides more room for your shoulders with the 2” increase on each side. Instead of a remote stand and screen attached to the arm of the recliner, the Ogawa remote is conveniently tucked away in a side pocket, plus it’s equipped with a USB port so you can use your smart devices while getting a massage. There are 9 pre-programed massages that use a variety of techniques including vibration, kneading, and air compression, and all have 5 different levels of intensity, as well as 2 stretching features for a thorough, relaxing experience at the end of a long, hard
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