Kaiser Permanente As A Health Care Organization

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Today, health care is one of the most the important subjects in United States. There are many Private and nonprofitmaking organization dedicated to health care. This paper discusses the readiness of Kaiser Permanente as a health care organization to respond the future health care needs of citizens. This paper also contains its strategic plan that addresses issues relating to network growth, nurse staffing, resource management and patient satisfaction. Addressing the Health Care Needs of Citizens in Next Decade Kaiser Permanente was established at the time when there was challenge of delivering medical care to industrial workers during the great depression and World War II. It was the time when most people could not afford medical care. In 1945, the organization was started to public by industrialist Henry J. Kaiser and Physician Sidney R. Garfield. Presently in United State, Kaiser Permanente is the recognized top health care provider and non-profit making health plans. It assists more than10 million members in 8 states and the District of Columbia. When people talk about future of health care, Kaiser Permanente is the model they have in mind. Kaiser combines a nonprofit insurance plan with its own hospital and clinics. The mission of this organization is to deliver best quality care to Kaiser’s members and patients. It also aids to improve the health status of our communities in United State. "Kaiser’s vision is to deliver coordinated, comprehensive health care that keeps
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