Kaiser Permanente: Quality Improvement Analysis

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In working in the Home Health Industry for Kaiser Permanente we are on the front line of controlling Re-hospitalizations. Re-hospitalizations can be costly to providers due to the Medicare regulations put forth along with the cost of hospitalization. This has become a Quality Improvement project that has grown to involve more departments to improve hospitalization rates. It’s crucial to have all departments involved because this action item is affected by multiple departments.
Plan: First look at the current percentage of patients that end up back in the hospital within 30 days. We discuss what percentage reduction is achievable and set that as the goal amongst the Quality Improvement team. It is extremely important that you set realistic
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The process for gaining consumer input;
4. Core measures and measurement processes; and
5. A description of the communication and evaluation plan.
HRSA Health Resources and Services Administration. US Department of Health and Human Services.
We then map out current processes and procedures to make sure all personnel understand the flow of resources in different departments. This lead to creating a process flow chart from discharge to admission. Then we discuss what reports can be utilize to measure actions taken in real time to look for improvements. We decide to utilize what we call SHP reports along with the casper reports from CMS for measuring the data.
Do: We started by creating a fish bone diagram to get an understanding of the many different aspects that lead to a patient being discharged and re-admitted within 30 days. Then we deciding as a team on 2 aspects that we will focus on in implementing a small test of change.
1. Improve discharge process from hospital- improve communication and understanding of the discharge process with patient along with personnel dedicated to assisting through the transition
2. Front-loaded homecare
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