Kaitlen Kropp Research Paper

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Not Just a Room Have you ever had to take a test, yet you couldn't do it in front of everybody? Some people have this feeling, except it happens everyday, and they get stressed easily, and almost freak out. Kaitlen Kropp feels this way too, since her school didn't have a sensory room. (A room where you can sit by yourself and calm down) She wanted to change that. She wanted to change that idea, not to just help her, but to help everybody in her school. This 17 year old Girl Scout Ambassador paved the idea of a sensory room by first talking to her principle, Kara Kendrick. “It's not always easy to make a plan or start on a project,” Kara stated. (Stressful) The next problem was to ask the school board if this room was going to be built. The…show more content…
Girl Scouts of America helps all girls who want to change the world, or try something new. It might even be to try sushi for the first time. It was founded over 100 years ago by Juliette f Gordon “Daisy” Low. She started the first group on March 12, 1912 in Savannah Georgia. (Girl) The charity's goals are to first off build girls’ courage, compassion, and hope by different means and methods, like stopping bullying, or horseback riding for the first time, changing a girl forever. There are currently 1.9 million girl scouts, and 800,000 parents participating, and helping selling delicious cookies, which is approximately 1.4% of the US population. Many people think Girl Scouts only do outdoor stuff, but they’re wrong. Some troops are building robots to help with everyday needs and activities, like a crossing guard, or a chef. Other troops help stop bullying in school, like putting up posters and having an after school program for all who is bullied. (Girl) They still do outside stuff as well, like camping with no motor homes, as that ruins the precious environment, which help promote global warming. If at times, an American flag needs to be retired, the Girl Scouts are on the case. The people part of the group will do it 1 strip at a time, and 1 star at a time, all standing around the fire, so that the flag can be honored as it burns away. Well, now you might be asking how good this charity really is at making the item that controls America, money. They are pretty good at funding, reaching an average 86% of money management selling their
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