Kaitlyn: A Short Story

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On a very hot and muggy summer afternoon, the sun has been creeping down on me knowing how I feel whenever I get very hot on a day like this. Kaitlyn and I got into a huge fight during lunch hour on school campus. About seven o’clock that morning, I had already been in so much anger. Kaitlyn kept trying to push me over my breaking point. I had enough and knew the next time she put my name on air, I’d take it right back out myself. Yes, this was a little bit horrific, but it has gone on for quite a while. We were okay as friends at the beginning, but some things just aren’t supposed to be told. Hours flown by, we have passed by multiple times throughout the hallways, but all she would do was try to avoid me knowing she is going to be on the spot for doing me wrong. I had never been into a physical fight, but I knew that on my mom’s side of the family they are very brawny. I was not going down without a fight of “victory”.…show more content…
I go outside for all of the fresh air I needed. About three minutes until the bell, Kaitlyn made eye contact and I yelled and she “girl” slapped me on the left side of my face. I guess there is something called adrenaline that can let into your veins. Well, that’s what happened to me, I picked her up over my head and drover her body into the sidewalk in front of the enterance. The bell rang as this was happening, and Aaron Bridewell stopped me and put her through the door. Colton made me go explain to the office, but Coach Bennett almost beat me there. In conclusion, we were in the seventh grade and became best friends later on in life. Kaitlyn and I convinced our parents we would make a good friendship. Now, we are no longer friends, I am in the eighth grade held back from the ninth grade. That should tell you the rest of the
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