Kaizen Is An Intricate Part Of Japanese Company Culture Since Post Wwii

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How to Implement Kaizen

Kaizen has been an intricate part of Japanese company culture since post WWII. Japanese culture is well suited for implementing kaizen due to its strong sense of a team mentality. Teamwork is vital to kaizen. Every employee must believe and participate in kaizen and be sustained by management for kaizen to work. Each employee must understand that Kaizen is good for the company, good for their fellow workers, and good for themselves. According to a Farris (2013) American culture it is slightly different. Separation between lower level employees and management is distinctly pronounced. American work philosophy is predominately “if it aint broke, don 't fix it,” but this is a sin for kaizen philosophy. Change
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Employees should be trained in the goals and methods of kaizen. Training the employee how to communicate and work as a team are important factors in implementing kaizen. Employees need to have a firm grasp on their training to utilize kaizen to its maximum capabilities.
Employee commitment. Kaizen requires commitment at every level of the organization. Implementing kaizen begins at the highest level of management. Management must lead by example or kaizen will fail. A good practice includes a manager to spend time in the employee’s environment to help and encourage them to make suggestions. The time spent with employees will give management greater insight into the production or service process. Also, management will have hands on experience to understand employee and customer issues to implement improvements.
Position involvement. According to Klefsjö, (2014) each employee has to commit to kaizen in a specific way. The duties of the top level management is to instill kaizen as a corporate strategy, allocating resources to support kaizen, and building procedures conducive to kaizen. Middle management develop and implement kaizen goals, using kaizen in as many capabilities as possible, and developing training programs to make employees’ kaizen conscious. Lower level management is closer to the workers and have direct impact on the success of kaizen. Lower level management has the task of introducing new

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