Kakania Essay

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The short animated film Kakania is an experimental film focusing on the constant, chaotic nature of urban civilization and contrasts it to an organized, ritual-oriented tribal societies. It relies heavily on the music to drive the animation forward. The movements of the figures are timed exactly in sync with the timing of the music. The animation itself requires interpretation from the viewers because there is no distinct plot shown or explained. The style clearly reflects the artist’s personal style, which also happens to be representative abstract-based. To add onto the previous statement, the figures shown throughout the film are an extremely basic style of the human figures. Also, this abstract form is still able to form comprehendible…show more content…
The people in the urban society are always seen to be walking rapidly, running, or are on a form of transportation, specifically a bus or a subway train. Because of this, they are often stuck or intertwined with other people and have a hard time removing themselves from the group. At one part, there is also a man that wildly looks about and appears confused and disoriented by all of the extreme movements. In contrast, the members of the tribal society are moving simultaneously when they are running, dancing, and constructing the word Kakania. The members here appear more calm and well oriented within their society. If the movement was quick here, it is with a purpose and only used as part of a dance when the two people are on the wall after transforming from the monkey symbols. In conclusion, the combination of the techniques used in the short, animated film Kakania aid the viewer to create an interpretation. Despite being an experimental approach, a viewer could decipher that the film expresses how urban societies are moving too quickly and as a result can become dangerous almost instantaneously. By comparison, tribal societies that are more connected with nature are more likely to be calm, well oriented, and release their fears about the outside world through rituals that use masks to represent those
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