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THE KALABAGH DAM CONTROVERSY www.metacoustics.com.au Submitted to: Mr. Ali Shahrukh Pracha Submitted by: Amirah Hashmi INTRODUCTION The Kalabagh dam controversy has been the highlight of attention since a long time now. Every now and then an issue is raised and left unsorted leaving the related provinces further confused as Pakistan’s government has not been able to decide between the two contrasting point of views since the last 27 years (1984, since its design was presented)(Iftikhar,2005) . The basic issue Kalabagh dam project is facing is the different point of views the main territories of Pakistan have. Sindh assumes that if this project is not stopped and allowed to resume the province it would be deprived of their share of…show more content…
(Tahir, 2011) They include the above mentioned Diamer-Bhasha dam and Ghazi Barotha project that are currently under construction. It is believed worldwide that managing, operating and constructing smaller dams is a better step then constructing a bigger dam especially when there are so many expected arguments attached to it. Though they provide a smaller amount of electricity but are obviously beneficial. (Kazi) People against and in favor of the dam have been giving the same numerical figures supporting their own points, In a situation like this who would know what to do exactly. Furthermore, already more than a billion rupees has been spent on the construction of the dam and everyone knows Pakistan owes a huge amount of debt, especially to the World Bank. One of the major arguments against kalabagh dam also includes its cost. The construction would be done in foreign currency but recovery would have to be paid back in Pakistani rupee which surely isn’t something good for the Pakistani economy. A person arguing against the kalabagh dam said “why we don't listen to experts who tell us of alternatives that are less costly and more beneficial than the proposed mega dams” (Narejo, 2005) Another cost that the government would have to bear due to the building of the kalabagh dam is of settling the

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