Kalamazoo River: Environmental Analysis

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Just under ten years ago, the Kalamazoo River was struck with a detrimental oil spill. Not only did the oil spill pose a great economic burden, but it also caused various effects on the ecosystem and the public health of Kalamazoo. During the spill, many local citizens reported symptoms of sickness caused by exposure to toxic chemicals that are found within oil 1. Other than the ways that individuals were affected by the initial spill, one can presume that the ecological stress caused by this event may pose a long-term impact on the health of the community. Because all bodies of water in an area are connected by a watershed, if one piece within these complex system is damaged, then the other parts will most likely undergo stress as well. The ecological impact on the watershed can transfer to issues that can affect an area’s public health, as shown by the illness caused by the oil spill…show more content…
The best way to protect local bodies of water is to give the resources necessary for professionals to analyze the patterns of the ecosystem 2. Currently, information from water testing is extremely scarce and many individuals within the government do not understand the necessity for water monitoring and watershed preservation3. Although there are various laws that work by directly protecting public health, many of these laws do not focus on protecting the entire ecosystem. Much of this negligence is a result of the economic drawbacks and regulations on human development that are required to preserve local bodies of water3. A major issue that greatly affects the entire ecosystem and watershed is climate change. The rapid changing of water parameters has caused many dangers for aquatic organisms and the surrounding environment4. To truly understand this impact, water monitoring is a necessity to preserving the ecosystem and protecting the health of all
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